(A) VENDOR REGISTRATION:- 1.Vendor has to fill the registration form properly through online or offline method. 2.All details should be furnished correctly in the online or offline registration form with all details. 3. Registered vendor has to abide by all the terms and conditions as laid by ajitam.in. 4. Vendor’s Id proof should be correct in all respect and nothing should be concealed and secrecy and policy of the AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED will not be exposed anywhere/or in any way or to any individual and secrecy must be maintained by the vendor or his staff or any one related to vendor. 5. If at any point of time it comes to the notice to AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED that vendor has transgressed or infringed the rules and regulation as well term and condition of the AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED may take legal actions civil or criminal or both within the Munger jurisdiction. 6. All loses will be recouped by the vendor to the AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED which is caused by the vendor in any manner at any point of time and at any places.
7. Vendor is bound to maintain the goodwill of AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED in all respect and vendor is also bound and expected to spread the business of AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED and not borrow make  proxy or pseudo or misrepresentation or in disguise which make damage in anyway or anywhere to AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED and if so happen or committed by the vendor to the AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED then AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED is fully empowered to sue the vendor at Munger court under civil and criminal laws of the country and will realise all the monetary losses and all other kind of losses.     
  (B) SELLING:- 1. Vendor has to expose which type of product he will supply and of which company. 2. Pricing as well cost of the product should not exceed MRP in slandered company products. 3.All the billing be in vendor’s name and shipping will be done by vendor at his own risk and Responsibility. 4.Quality of goods and products will necessarily be maintained at all level by the vendor from dispatch  to delivery under good packaging and if buyer or purchaser makes any complaint then vendor has to withdraw and to get back the product which vendors supplies to the buyer or purchaser. Further if the purchaser finds at the time of delivery the package is torn or any mutilation on the packet and purchaser denies to receive, under that circumstances vendor has to get back the package and all the cost of dispatching, delivery and getting back will be borne by vendor, so vendor must ensure that he is full filling the trust and norms of supplies of goods under AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED. (C) AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED COMMISION:- 1.All the rights are reserved such as dealing rights, commission rights and all other related rights are reserved by AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED. Commission will be set under mutual agreement time to time . 2. Vendor has to pay process charge in all transaction in irrespective of business term and condition of AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED. commission. (D) AJITAM (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED reserves rights to change or to modify or to add or to delete any condition and also keeps rights reserved to remove  any vendor and their customers without prior notice and information and for this not any vendor and customer is not entitled to claim anything in future.